The Brotherhood of Saint Gregory

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Called to Serve

The Brotherhood of Saint Gregory is a Christian Community of The Episcopal Church, its Communion Partners, and the worldwide Anglican Communion, whose members follow a common rule and serve the church on parochial, diocesan, and national levels. Members — clergy and lay, without regard to marital status — live individually, in small groups, or with their families. They support themselves and the community through their secular or church-related work, making use of their God-given talents in the world while not being of the world. The trust that all labor and life can be sanctified is summed up in the community’s motto: Soli Deo Gloria, To God Alone the Glory.

Flexibility is crucial in the ministry of the Brotherhood. Each member is encouraged to develop his gifts and talents under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the care and direction of the community. Brothers work in parishes as liturgists, musicians, librarians, artists, visitors to the poor and the sick, administrators, sextons, teachers, guild members, and clergy. On diocesan and national levels, brothers serve in a number of administrative and pastoral capacities. Many of those in secular employment continue the servant theme, and work as teachers, nurses and administrators. The aim is always to follow Saint Gregory the Great as “servants of the servants of God” — whether in church or society.BSG

Mass at the Margins

April 21st, 2016

I’ve only been in Denver for about eight months, but I have discovered and been fortunate to become part of one of the most interesting Church services in the city. At 8:00 am, every Sunday morning at the St. Francis Center, we gather for a Eucharist that is shared with people in the shelter.

Patrick Hall, BSG

The congregation consists of folks who live on the streets of Denver. They may not be wearing the latest fashion, but their smiles are genuine and their hugs are warm. The altar is just a beat-up old table set up in one corner of the room, but it is covered with a cloth that follows the colors of the Church seasons.

Before the service starts, while Tony is playing some hymns, and Barbara is getting everything ready and setting up the altar, I'm blessed to walk out into the community and pray with people, hand out cheap crosses or rosaries, small devotional books, and Bibles gifted to us by St. Andrews. I am getting to know the folks who show up most weeks; mischievous Carlos, Diana and her concern for others, and Jackie, with her big smile and questions about the Bible. It is one of the most fun things I do every week.

There is one story which truly communicates the power of this communion to me. Ever since I have been going to mass at Saint Francis, there is one lady who comes and sits near the front, but wouldn’t talk to me or anyone else. Every week I try to engage her at least a little, but she remained impassive and would not respond to me at all. This last week, however, as Fr. Steve Weston was consecrating the sacrament, her face changed, and she started to cry.BSG

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